Thursday, 30 November 2006

Do you remember how Rimington and Scarlett used to play 'Mr Blue Sky' whilst lining up you and the other graduate trainees on chairs to look at the sky...what a strange thing to do. I wonder why?
Let me give you a clue. You had been electrocuted, programmed and were in a state of absolute shock. You were all grinding your teeth. In order to relax, in roder to let your mind and body were instructed to do as above.
Remember reading 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull'? Remember why? It was to encourage and train those who had been picked to 'remote view' i.e. OBE and then come back like 'homing pigeons' when called by the programmer.
Remember the 'golden keys' of St Peter (or should one say Petersburg and the Jesuits there?) the Golden City of Zion? You had one - probably still do. All the programmers did.
Remember the 'lobster quadrille'? Remember how the graduate programmers nearly broke my feet by trampling on them?
Come to the 'museum' of Illuminati artifacts in Jerusalem. You know the one. See for yourself. De-programme yourself. Tell others. The management could do with a bit of custom, here.
Last but not least, the Illuminati practice of artificial insemination, IVF and cloning. They began experimenting with this in the early part of the 20th century. Raping women agents and putting those not allowed to 'procreate' through the most disgusting and traumatic abortions was all part of the game. Work it out from this painting. Don't you remember how we all had to analyse it in terms of programming symbols, in the 'Church of Visitation' in Ein Kerem?